What I lost in the Storm

My grandpa went to heaven on December 12, 2022, which was also my father’s birthday (my grandfather’s first son). As you all may know, my father passed away on May 10, 2013, from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). I could have never wished myself a better father and he will always be loved and missed, every day of my life.

When you lose someone you love, that person always seems to leave pieces of them self behind. They never truly leave because our lives are not about what we gain in this world, but it is about what we leave behind, our legacy. Our lives are perfect storms of everyone who has crossed our paths in this life. Whether they still breathe or if they have returned to this earth to lie with their fathers and mothers, they leave a mark on our lives that holds our character and fight that was imprinted on us. These things remind us of the grit that we were crafted from.

I hope that I have made my father and my grandfather proud! I hope that I will bring love, laugher, grace authenticity and joy to this world. So, whenever I pass into the light, I would have left a beacon of light. A legacy that my mother and father would feel honored by and that will help guide all who will come after me.

I hope that my faith in God and love for people would be the footprints that I would leave in the sand. I pray that I will have left this life with a heart of humility, of grace and of joy. I hope that I can say that I was loved and cherished and that I, myself, have loved and cherished. I pray that my way will be opened, and that I truly see all who are around me with a heart of love. Love that flows and does not stop until time has stopped, and I am seated with my father.

The legacy we leave behind outlines the character of the person. When the storm comes and the rains falls, we only have our legacy to be remembered by.

Be Blessed

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